Saturday, April 19, 2008

Egyptian Dance Workshop

Had a fantastic time at the Egyptian Dance Workshop given by Caroline Evans today. I was nervous on Friday night because I organised the workshop and it is the first time I've ever done something like this and I was anxious that everything went well. I also didn't get enough people to cover my costs, so it was a bit depressing. However, once the workshop got under way I forgot all about that and really enjoyed myself. Caroline was lovely. She had a friendly teaching style, gave great hands on tuition and had a flexible method of teaching the moves that suited the different people in the group. The time flew and it didn't feel like four hours of hard work. We got to do plenty of moves, some combinations and the beginning of a couple of routines, which was much more than I expected and fantastic fun. We worked well as a group and going by what Caroline said we progressed well. Everyone enjoyed the day and all the ladies seemed keen to continue on with Egyptian Dance, which is great.


Valpot said...

Sounds like it was great fun. What a shame you lost money - are you thinking of going to the festival?

Anonymous said...

yes it was great fun- organise it again!

Inkpot said...

To Valpot - what festival?
To Anon - thanks, will do