Friday, January 02, 2009


I decided not to do a review of last year because as far as I'm concerned I've put a big lid on 2008, sealed it up tight and hidden it away in the vault only to be taken out when I can say 'Gosh, remember when I used to think things were bad in 2008? I didn't know how lucky I was!'
With that in mind, I am looking ahead to the bright shiny New Year. I have already started the year with my micro tale 'The Vilage Shop' appearing in Necrotic Tissue and I can look forward to another micro appearing in 52 Stitches in the summer, which is two publications greater than I have EVER started a year with and is unbelievably awesome. I also have a writing retreat to look forward to later on in the year, and a niece and nephew on the way, so things are looking good already.
I don't want to make resolutions because they are too vague and ephemeral to keep to. Instead I'm going to set myself goals for each month.
My goals for January are very writing orientated:-
Get my story submissions up to 30 (currently at 17)
Finish Miranda's Maze
Write an outline for a fantasy novel
Read up to ten books or magazines


Anonymous said...

sound good goals- onwards and upwards!!
Here's to a great shiney happy successful exciting and fantastic new year

Ionafey said...

sigh, goals. I know what those are, but don't have any. I'm a slug. I think my goal is to finish this novella, get it edited up, and send it to harlequin. I just fear the rejection. They whomp on me. Good goals for you, too! I have a piece in Golden Visions in April and flashshot in . .. Feb, I think ? I would not have done them without your competitions, so thank you!

Valpot said...

Good luck with your goals, Inkpot - 2009 can only be much better for you!

Inkpot said...

Thanks Anon. I hope we both have shiny years:)

Ionafey, expect an email from me listing the reasons you are not a slug!!! Yes, rejection is horrible and I am totally with you on the fear thing, but isn't it worse when you have never even tried? You are really good at writing, so on with that novella. You've only a couple thousand words to go! And you have TWO pieces accepted for publication after just one writing competition. You are a lovely lean writing cheetah running towards success, not a slug. :)

Thanks Valpot, here's hoping.

Jim Pankey, USN (Ret.) said...

Inkpot, your writing is very sunny and optimistic, like a breath of fresh air. I especially liked the bit you wrote about Harris...although Harris is misidentified in the photograph: he is not a Harris Hawk, he is a Redtailed Hawk, most likely a juvenile although he does look distinguished, doesn't he? Still, Harris does sound appropriate, and like he said, 'you ain't seen nothing yet.' Heh heh. Fresh.

Mercedes said...

Yay, yay, a New Year!

I'm not sure what my resolutions are. To have an all out competition with you gals in February? Maybe get my submissions up to 40 again. !!!! How about 45?! And find an agent.

Who will most likely be sitting on a unicorn and holding the Holy Grail.

Inkpot said...

Hi Jim, thanks for stopping by and for your very kind words. Wow, your photos are amazing! You are a true artist. Thanks for the identification of the hawk. I knew he wasn't a harris hawk but I thought the name suited him. :)

Hi Mercedes. Don't all agents ride unicorns, take it in turns to hold the Holy Grail and have fairies dancing around their heads? I don't know for certain, I've never seen one, but that's what I've heard. :) They sound like good resolutions to me. Count me in for the mega submission contest in Feb!