Saturday, January 31, 2009

Here comes the sun

The sun is shining today and all the colours have intensified. I feel like a feather gyrating on the breeze or a tiny downy seed pod from a dandelion blowing this way and that.

I can't settle.

I'm flitting from writing to reading to listening to music to wanting to nap to yearning to go for a walk and explore the fairy paths on the first dry day since I've been here.

A drum beat at the back of my mind beats out the ticking clock and tells me I don't have much time left here.

I'm sure I'll come down to earth soon.


G. Coppard said...

I would take that walk first because we can write while we walk, we can compose with each step, even the most chaotic minds like my own can conceptualize and retain ideas as we smell the air, listen to the far off twitters and caws of whatever wildlife there may be and feel the sponge of wet ground beneath us.

Ah, still so very jealous am I.


DNOTY2008 said...

Go for the walk. It will be refreshing, plus you may not get another dry day, so take your chance!

Anonymous said...

Ditto- by that I mean I side with the other 2- go for the walk - that time may never come again. Mind you, its dark now and you've probably done withever it is that you've done by now!! If you know what I mean

Shadowthorne said...

Don't go straying on unfamiliar paths!! I heard the fairies @ faerie are VICIOUS over there! You know, the one that eats you right to the bones.

You have been warned. Go and sleep. It's better for your evil soul, ha ha ha.

SSQuo said...

These past few posts have been such a pleasure to read. I echo GC, I envy you, the place sounds so lovely, but I think your words made the place even more attractive.

Some day, I will visit Anam Cara!

Inkpot said...

You are right, G.C, a walk is good at helping the creative process. :)

I didn't get another chance, you were right DNOTY2008.

Thanks Anon. :)

I finally took your advice Shadowthorne. I went to bed and had a good long nap and woke up refreshed. When you are the dark queen of laziness you have to indulge your lazy side every so often, and those fairies really are vicious.

Thank you SSQuo. Your comments are always so insightful, inspiring and complimentary. :) Wouldn't it be wonderful if we visited Anam Cara at the same time?