Saturday, January 10, 2009

Vblogging has arrived!

There is a television programme in New Zealand called Downsize Me. Each week an expert in nutrition and one in fitness help a different person slim down and shape up over an eight week period. I have decided to do my own DIY downsize me challenge over the next eight weeks and vblog about my progress here every Saturday. My goal is to lose 8kg, but more importantly to get back into regular exercise and a healthy eating pattern. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I started today with a 45 min walk on the beach with Janna (and a video of Blackrock beach to prove I was there). It was a hard 45 minutes - I really have got very out of shape - but I feel better for having done it.


Anonymous said...

Excellent!! what a brilliant idea- can't wait to log on each day to see the progress. Good Luck! Beautiful dog by the way and lovely collar.
An inspiration to us all

Valinora Troy said...

I love the video of your dog, she's beautiful!

Good luck with your downsizing, I will keep an eye out for your vblog and be inspired!!

SSQuo said...

Great idea! I plan on going back to the gym starting next week as well, so maybe we can trade notes! :)

Walking in the sand is hard, but every time you take a step, think of your target number 8 (kg) slowly reducing. Btw Janna is gorgeous, so this means you have a cat and a dog living under one roof? Nice. Cat wouldnt have survived around my house for sure.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Woohoo!! Another fellow blogger taking the exercise plunge! I wish you all the best and I support you 110%!

You go, girl!

G. Coppard said...

This is so cool. Your pup is terrific, as I'm sure you know. That beach looked very, very cold.

Inkpot said...

Thanks Anon. I won't be vblogging every day, probably just updating once a week on a saturday. Yes, my dog has a beautiful collar. Glad you spotted it. :)

Thanks VT.

Good luck with the gym SSQuo! I think we should trade notes all right. :) Em... there are two cats and three dogs wandering around the house actually! And two more dogs on the weekends my sister comes to visit! :) The cats and dogs have grown up with each other so they get on well - especially Janna and the cats.

Thanks Aizan :).

Yup, the beach was cold all right G.C. What you didn't see was the five layers I was wearing, plus scarf, fur (faux of course) lined hat and gloves.

Janichay said...

Hey, well done, I think half if not 3/4 of the battle is in the mind.

I found trying to make walking/exercise part of my regular routine helped. So if there were places I would normally use transport to get to, shopping, a friend's house, work etc, and leaving a bit earlier meant I could walk it, I would. This way, I didn't have to work up the steam to go out again after work or get up really, really early to do do stuff before work. - I did eventually start doing stuff before/after work, but that was when I'd got the bug and got into 'the zone'.

In a previous job, a random comment from a colleague made me start do a 50min walk to/from work. This might sound long, but when I figured it out, I could be sat in traffic on a packed bus, with irritated people for 40-50mins. I might be ratty by the time I got in, especially if it had been a rough day at work. When I walked, I got home in basically the same time. Had time to clear my head, rant about my hard day, and always got home feeling relaxed, and exhilirated from the exercise and achievement. - Soz, a bit of a long comment :-)

Inkpot said...

Thanks Janichay. I am very impressed you use to walk to work. What a brilliant idea and what a big change it made in your life. I agree that it is better to start introducing exercise by walking to the shops or whatever and building on that, otherwise it can be daunting and you don't persevere.

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