Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Toon

Raiding the archives again this week. This picture is titled 'Flying under the influence'. It is a picture of a Pegasus who had a little too much to drink and is finding it hard to get home. Why should drunken behaviour be limited to humans?


Aizan Suhaira said...

I wonder, did Pegasus had one too many tequila shots? Or did three glasses of Long Island do the trick?

Anonymous said...

Always liked that picture- poor old pegasus- hope he won't get penalty points!

Shadowthorne said...

A true story; once a drunk colleague was lying stark naked on the floor in our rent home. We just walked around (and stepped over) him.

There is no excuse to be drunk.

Valinora Troy said...

Poor Pegasus! Hope his hangover wasn't too bad the next day!

The Monster said...

the monster has turned into a grizzely bear today

Inkpot said...

I don't know, Aizan, but good question. I thought it was one too many pints of Guinness myself. ;)

Thanks Anon. I don't know how many points you get for a FUI but I'm sure a member of the fairyland police could tell me.

Good story Shadowthorne. I hope you kicked him in the ribs as you stepped over him, to teach him a lesson not to get drunk again. My family were shocked when I suggested this. They think you should have thrown a blanket over him. :)

Hi VT. I think as well as a sore head he probably had a sore shoulder and lots of bruises. I'd say his friends kept way from him the next day.

Welcome back Monster! Being a grizzly bear is fun! You can rip people to shreds and steal picnic baskets without guilt.