Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Anam Cara

Greetings from Eyeries on the Beara Penninsula in County Cork! As I write this I am sitting at my desk looking out over rolling green hills that sweep down to the ocean. Mist covered mountains rise mysteriously out of the sea, like new ideas from my imagination and I can hear the roar of the waves as I watch huge breakers beating against the land.

Yes, I'm feeling inspired!

I felt like I was back in New Zealand yesterday as I drove through the Mountains near Kenmare. Every new twist and climb of the road revealed snow capped peaks and wide lakes on either side of the road. It was breathtaking.

The people at the retreat are very friendly and welcoming. There is just myself and one other writer as well as the woman who runs the centre and her friend. They immediately made me feel at home.

The house is fab nestled on five acres of fairy tale paths winding through the woods and fields and there is a river too. There are also ducks and hens and a little dog called jack.

The only problem (and perhaps it is a good thing) is that the Internet access is seven euro an hour for dial up connection and even my trusty iPhone is struggling to get not only a consistent signal but any signal at all. I had hoped to vblog but that is out of the question. I'm writing this on my phone and hoping to get it uploaded some time today. Because of the connection problems I might be able to read comments but not reply so I apologize for the rather one sided communication over the next few days.

I'm off to start on my novel now. I'm feeling very excited about it.

Oh, and SsQuo - I received your commands yesterday and obeyed. I listened to Regina Spektor over and over again for the full six hours of my journey. I can't say which is my favourite song because I love all of them for different reasons, but I am going to say That Time is the one I like best today for the way she says 'so cheap and juicy' :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Heavan- or at least like Rivendell- the last friendly home. Always wanted to go the bearra pennisula when I was in cork but never managed it.
Expecting great things from your pen.
Work hard and relax too
Hope the other writer is nice- oh and what are the meals like?

Anonymous said...

Wow - sounds great... i want to get away to some place in the middle of no where on my own to commune with nature an dmy camera.... sigh (pinks)

Shadowthorne said...

Really. I am jealous. If I were you I will not have anywork done. I'd be sleeping all day, enjoying the place, and wake up at sunrise or sunset just for the scene.

*sniff* hope you get your writing done. Did I mention I was jealous of you?

nishaa said...

Inkpot...this place sounds amazing... an ideal place to unwind,chill out and start on a novel as well!

Have a great time..enjoy!

DNOTY2008 said...

Sounds lovely, Inks!

Happy writing & looking forward to the photos!

G. Coppard said...

I'm inspired just reading about it! Sounds wonderful.

SSQuo said...

I fell in love with the place when you said 'The house is fab nestled on five acres of fairy tale paths winding through the woods and fields and there is a river too. There are also ducks and hens and a little dog called jack.' I want to meet Jack, what breed is he?

I'm so glad that you feel inspired and excited to get started on the book.

I have to say its really something that you typed the entire post on your iPhone. I havent attempted that yet even though I am told I am decent with it. Have to give it a shot.

And I am SO glad you listened to the songs. Yes, it is difficult to pick one song because if it isnt the music, its the lyric that really gets to you. 'Cheap and juuuuuic-ay':) Love it.

Inkpot said...

Hi Anon, Rivendell is a very apt name for this place. It is indeed a haven for those who wish to dwell in the lands beyond the sea. And the food is really nice too.

Hi Pinks, why don't you? There are loads of places about. You should start planning it now.

Heehee Shadowthorne :)

Thanks Nishaa, it really is an amazing place and wonderful for working on a novel or other creative project. One week isn't enough though. When I go back it'll be for two!

Thanks DNOTY2008.

Thanks G.C. You should think about going to Anam Cara yourself, I think you would find it inspiring.

Hi SSQuo. Anam Cara and Eyeries really are magical places. I didn't think places like that existed anymore. I'll always think of Regina Spektor as the soundtrack to my life for that week. :)