Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday (Not) Toon

No Sunday Toon this week ( I know, I know) but I thought you might find this as entertaining as I did. I was watching Chuck and he was wearing the t-shirt pictured above (ok, not this t-shirt but one very like it) and I thought 'I want one of those'. The floppy disc reads 'my entire life'. After watching the episode I went on line to find it and find it I did, along with many other cool Chuck themed tees at CafePress. After browsing their catalogue I think this has now jumped to the top of my 'I want' list.

For more Chuck inspired fashion and other t-shirt extravaganza, check out Cafe Press (they didn't pay me for a promotion or nothink!). While you're there check out their Firefly designs too. They have some shiny ones. :)


G. Coppard said...

I have no idea who Chuck is, but since my real first name is Casey, I'm digging the second Tee. :)

Inkpot said...

Heehee, that tee has double meaning for me now. I have to get it! :) Thanks for stopping by G.C

Anonymous said...

Love the tee!! I know a few who would love it even more. Great site and I glad you gave us the link-
wonder what webster would say- actually I know what he would say.

I'm actually surprised at the Chuck popularity- pleased but surprised. G. Coppard - watch Chuck- its really good

Inkpot said...

Anon - I know what Webster would say! :) The tees are very cool. Perfect to meet Adam Baldwin in should I bump into him in Birmingham in April.

jacker said...

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