Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Writer Out and About

This week I travelled to the scenic town of Carlingford. It is funny, but living in Ireland I sometimes forget how beautiful the country really is. A trip out to Carlingford and I remember. It was a cold day, but very sunny. I'm afraid my photographs don't do the loch justice. It looked much nicer in reality. Because of the weather I didn't get much writing done, but I did do some thinking and plotted out a story I am going to write this week, so it was worth the journey.
I brought with me:-
1. My car (too far to walk!)
2. My trusty notepad
3. A nice inky black pen
4. Too few clothes for writing outdoors in Ireland in January


G. Coppard said...

Very pretty country. Hope to visit someday, though the little ones make that a more expensive challenge.

I like your travelogue. The way you list what you brought with you.

Thanks for sharing!

Catherine J Gardner said...

A fabulous place to write - colour me jealous.

Valpot said...

LIke the photos! I suffered from cold finger syndrome today - and I was in a heated office!!!

Inkpot said...

Thanks G.C. Remember to look me up when you visit. :)

Hi Catherine. It is a lovely place all year round. I'm lucky to live near enough to visit it regularly. Sorry - don't mean to make you feel worse! :)

Cold finger syndrome is not good. I remember having to wear gloves when I was working in a supposedly heated office! Get your mittens out.

SSQuo said...

The last picture with '2009' on your writing pad is just so beautiful - new beginning especially with getting back to enjoying the scenic countryside! Gosh one more place to visit...arghhh my list is never ending!

Inkpot said...

Thanks SSQuo. Remember to look me up when you visit the emerald isle. :)

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