Monday, January 05, 2009

Writing Exercise #7

Today is...

This is a handy technique I discovered on Erica Hanson's blog for writers, readers and educators. What you do is take five minutes out of your day to write a paragraph on what 'today is'. You can write about your feelings, your surroundings, things that happened or will happen. You should focus on the five senses - remember to describe the colour, taste, smell, sound and texture of the day. Don't over think your paragraph either. Write it down as fast as you can.

If you keep a journal this is a wonderful place to put your 'Today is' thoughts, but typing it on your computer, into your phone or scribbling it on the back of a napkin works just as well.

My advice is to get a really pretty notebook, with a soft leather or fabric cover and crisp white pages. Write your entry in every day with a black ink pen. Over time you will have a lovely collection of thoughts that capture who you were at that moment. To make it extra special, write your 'Today is' paragraph at the start of the day at the top of the page and in the evening write three things that happened that day which you are grateful for at the bottom of the page. At the end of the year you will be able to look back and see how you have changed over twelve months.

Tell me what your day is like for you today. Is it full of velvet promise, or is it foggy with skunk rich activities? I look forward to reading about them in the comments section.


Valinora Troy said...

That's alovely idea. I think I will start tomorrow!

Erica Hanson said...

Hi Inkpot, I haven't been to your blog since the holidays began (in America, that means back in November on Thanksgiving when we officially begin our holiday weight gains). I planned on writing you today to tell you I'm planning to include you in my "Writers write" series later this month. What a delight to read about my "Today is" writing. I love your suggestion to include three things to be grateful for at the end of the day. May we all--you, me, your readers, my readers--have a New Year full of brilliant writing and successful publishing!

_we_the_pieces_ said...

Today I woke up, to a chilled room, and blankets wrapped around my legs. Groggily, I forced myself to accept the fact that winter break was no more. So off I was dragged down the bright but cold streets of Santa Monica (let me assure you I put up quite a fight) to be seated once again in that dreadful English class. Upon stumbling into that classroom, I forgot where my seat was, and searched through the warm and gloomy room, until I found it. Unfortunately, the person who I enjoy the most in that class did not grace us with his presence. Ah well. History was quite a bore, though she is quite a good teacher (funny too) and I managed to scamper across the class, to sit with my friends for most of the period. In P.E. not much happened to tell of. We played rugby. I have a broken hand in a shade of electric green. Well, not so electric anymore. Science. Ah. My personal favorite class. We discussed briefly the education budget cut. Then, on to other things we moved, including websites the begin with a PO and end with an RN, and why you shouldn't borrow your guy friends computers, because of what sights you might find. HA. Lunch was full of the usual. People ragging on other people, discussions of music, and politics. (I thought we banned the subject from lunch). Math, once again my favorite was missing, but I moved seats. Some jokes were made by him at my expense, but ah well, I made the jokes right back. Spanish. We had to speak in ONLY Spanish. Yipes. The blinding lights of that room give me quite a headache, especially when I am trying to say "I went to my aunt's house in Tucson for 3 day during Christmas, and play a lot with her crazy dog" and answer various questions he asked me. Once that bell rang, he kept us only a minute. Outside it was really quite brisk (by Los Angeles standards) and my sister in all but blood (aka non blonde sistaaa <3) begged me to go with her on the bus NOW instead of later. I happily obliged, and here I sit, writing about my uneventful day which takes up a surprising amount of space for a boring day. =/

_we_the_pieces_ said...

yipes that was long.

Random York said...

HaPpY NeW YeAr! Thank you for visiting! - JOhn

Janichay said...

Today is going on to long. I made a pact with a friend that in teh new year we would hold each other accountable for going to bed at a decent hour and here I am still up at 30mins past midnight!

As for the earlier part of the day it was cold, oh so cold, but I tried not to complain as there are many worse off. I did however feel justified in breaking my no complain rule as WHY should I have to sit in an office with my coat on!

It was bright today and full of the smels of food, pastries, chocolate, savoury smelling stuff. All unhelpful as I had decided to fast today! It was then home to unpacking shopping, with more delights,'ummmmmm I can just taste those scones' I think, as they are packed away, 'and there's jam in the fridge'. My unconcious taste buds of my imagination run riot, and the smell of a toasted bagel, being eaten by someone else is almost too much!

I limp of to my room, tired and hungry, and it's cold inside. I have worj to do, but feel almost unable as I am just thinking about food, ooh and my headaches, maybe I'll just snuggle up on the sofa and sleep...

Today was walking to and from work and enjoying the crisp air and the sight of frost on the ground, the trees look so good in their nakedness, stark beauty, I wish I had a camera.

Today is a dangerous thought as I look longingly at the frozen lake, I know it would probably crack at first step, and I also know I would probably be too scared to try, but the delusion continues, and may well have succeeded, but I saw the sign warning no-on to go on the ice. Today is a day of escape

Janichay said...

Oooh 3 things to be thankful for:

1.That I have a home and warm clothes to wrap up in, many others are experiencing the cold on the streets or in their homes, not using the heating as it is too expensive.
2. That I did walk today as I had planned to, follow through on a commitment and exercise in the bargain.
3. That I have begun to write something, it's a start

Inkpot said...

Thanks VT. Hope you did.

Thanks Erica. Wow, you have a whole extra month for weight gain than we do! :) I am so honoured that you would consider me for you writers write series, thank you. And thank you for the idea of the 'today is' exercise. :)

Thanks for your day Molly. :)

Happy New Year John! Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for your day Janichay. Cold, staying up late and being tempted by food are all things I can relate to! :) Good luck with keeping up your resolutions.

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