Friday, January 30, 2009

Conversations with my Characters

As you know Fluffy was hanging around yesterday raining on my parade. As I sat at the laptop watching my words turn into sludge and dribble off the screen a funny thing happened. Fored leaned out of the computer and took my hand.
'How long have we known each other?' he said.
'Er, I don't know, eighteen years or so.'
'And do you trust me?'
'Gosh Fored, you're my character, you're a figment of my...'
'I think after all this time you should know me well enough to trust me.'
'So let me tell the story, it is my story after all.'
'But what if it's no good?'
Fored shrugged.
'I'm only a character. It's your job to make it good.'
And so the writing flowed from that. I had worried that it was too stilted and fantasy-ish (if you know what I mean) and Fored took care of that. Everytime I slipped back into lyrical prose and thee and thou dialogue he would put up his hand and say
'Hang on a minute, that didn't happen.'
So writing went well yesterday. I might be crazy but I'm happy.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha- I like that. Yes, you tell his story and dont mess it up!! He's only being trying to get it out for 18 years!!
Hope you have a great productive day today

Shadowthorne said...

..... how much drug you ingested to make a character come to life? Just wondering. (Ok ok joking)

DNOTY2008 said...

Well, you better listen to him then! Look how well Odd Thomas guided Dean Koontz (at the start, anyway).

Best of luck with the writing.

The Dude said...

to be a good writer doesnt always mean writing 10 hours a day and all that crap, it means letting your mind go and find threads that order cannot. chaos has its benefits. ;)
and once you have a thread, order it if you want and make plans and such, but in the end if you let the story tell itself there will always be more heart in it.
I hope your story goes in a way that makes you happy, though let me just say that if you truly let it write itself then Im sure it will.

Inkpot said...

Yes, Anon, he has been waiting a long time. I am afraid he may have to wait a bit longer, but hopefully not another 18 years.

I think the drugs were slipped into the food, Shadowthorne. I think there might have been some lsd in the soup, and I had two helpings. :)

Thanks DNOTY2008. Yup, Oddie talked to Deanie and it turned out very well.

Thanks Dude. Your are right. It is good to hear from you. I like your new profile pic btw. :)