Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poetry Corner

I thought I would post some poetry today. Many years ago Hoofpot and I decided to write a book of donkey poems. Some of the poems were good, some were not so good, but one stood out head and shoulders above the rest. I have never forgotten it and I often think of it in times when I'm feeling down. Here it is in its entirety. I hope you enjoy it.

My Father, The Donkey

by School Girl

Of all the donkeys ever

My father was the best.

He didn't wear a three piece suit,

He didn't wear a vest,

He never started work on time,

He never knew if it would rain or shine,

And if you put every farmer in a line

They would all confirm he was a pest.


My father had a favourite quote,

And that was - men are cruel.

And so he did his very best

To save me from their school.

Instead he taught me how to play,

To kick up my heels most of the day,

To give the very loudest bray

And to break almost every rule.


My father lived a happy life,

Waving his great big ears.

And he doesn't give a toss

That he's the cause of many heart felt tears.

Of farmers who have bought him,

Of mares that loved and lost him,

Not a thought have they cost him,

Through his fun filled years.


The Monster said...

Brilliant poem - i think i will print it out.

I am a weary, brow beaten bear today. (ps i posted yesterday)

Anonymous said...

Very cute photo- i remember some other excellent poems in that collection !!!

Shadowthorne said...

I admit that I was never graced with the presence of any donkey all my life.
Why use a father figure? (just curious)
But I think the poem is cute. :)

G. Coppard said...

Makes me want a donkey... we could keep him in the tiny back yard... and fee him bags of mini carrots...


Docpot said...

Cool poem

Inkpot said...

You should print it out Monster. Sorry to hear you are a beaten bear. Time to use your powerful claws and jaws I think.

Hi Anon. There were some excellent poems but this was my favourite.

You have missed out Shadowthorne. I don't know why a father figure - why not? :)

That would be so cute G.C! I'm sure your little ones would love it. I know the oldest donkey in Ireland lived into his fifties (could still be alive) and got a treat of a bar of chocolate every Sunday.

Glad you liked it Docpot.

SSQuo said...

Donkey poems! How unique, thoroughly enjoyed reading this one.