Saturday, April 18, 2009

BIP #7 - Comments Galore Wrap up Post!

Kim planned two weeks for this but unfortunately I only discovered it a couple of days ago. Therefore I don't think I can really write about what new techniques I used for making my blog more comment-able.
Every blogger wants to see comments on their posts. It shows that their blog is being read, that they have connected with their audience and comments give vital feedback on their content. I have learned a lot from comments on my blog and I love catching up with my other blogger friends through their comments.

I have found that the blog posts I get most comments on are

1. Highly interactive, such as the Friday Challenge.

2. Have something to say or solid content and, while perhaps posing a question, don't just exist to pose a question.

3. Have caused a debate, either on the post itself or in reaction to comments left on the post.

For a really good list of other reasons people comment, check out Shadowthorne's response to my earlier post on this topic.
When it comes down to it, what prompts me to comment on someone else's blog? I guess first and foremost it is content. If the post has something to say, and is said in an interesting manner I want to add my two cents worth.


Shadowthorne said...

Hah! Say my name say my name!

I pledge to stay by Inky (as long as the internet connection lets me) until she produced that supercalifragilisticexplialidociousnovel she promised us. :)

Inkpot said...

Aw, thanks Shadowthorne (hope you'll stay with me for the publication and movie adaptation too!) :) *hugs*

DNOTY2007 said...

How about asking why people don't comment? I have often felt like commenting on various blogs but haven't for various reasons - such as the effort of logging in/registering (I don't like being anonymous), or sudden doubt whether my comment is worth reading (comment often deleted before posting). Of course sometimes there is nothing to add, the post is complete in itself. Also it takes time to comment (even before you analyse what you have said)and if you read a lot of blogs, it would take to olong to comment on them all.
Perhaps I should have deleted this comment too, it's much too long!!

Sherrie said...

I have decided to post more questions with my posts if I can remember! Have a great day!!


Inkpot said...

That is a very good list, DNOTY2007/2008. It is important to look at why people don't comment as well as why they do.

Thanks for stopping by, Sherrie. I've found that asking questions is a great way to get comments. I like it when blogs ask questions, it shows that the author is interested in what you have to say.

SSQuo said...

I comment if I feel like it, if I enjoy the post, if it is something I feel strongly about. Also if it makes me smile.

I tend to answer questions well too, if I know the answer or have some advice or something to send.

Sometimes I do not comment only because I am lazy or not in the mood, I enjoyed the post as much. Sometimes a sad post generates a lot more emotion than I can fill in a comment box, and I may not be ready to phrase it, so I let it go. I feel like it is important if I post a comment on such a post, it is perfect.

Some reasons Ive received on people not commenting is:

- Shy
- Don't want the world to know my thoughts

Its interesting that DNOTY said he doesnt like being Anonymous since there are many who like precisely that!