Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The verdict is in

The Gender Genie has spoken and concluded that I am male.

What does it have to say about you?


Shadowthorne said...

So what?

DNOTY2007 said...

Me too (Mostly!)

G. Coppard said...

I'm a boy, but barely. 550 to 518. Means I'm in touch with my girly side too, I think. Or at least in touch with my love's girly side. hehe


G. Coppard said...

Did it again, larger sample and I'm all male..

Female Score: 497
Male Score: 935

That feels a little better. :)

SSQuo said...

Why GC? It's quite fun being a woman too!

Genie says I am female, but it had to do with the post I put in, I could see that it included too many 'she's. Total giveaway! :(

I didnt challenge it enough.

Inkpot said...

It made me laugh Shadowthorne. Doesn't make me feel at all masculine however.

Glad to hear we are brothers DNOTY2007/2008!

It is good to be in touch with your girly side G.C. It shows you like writing about abstract ideas. :)

That wasn't a good enough challenge for the genie, SSQuo! You practically told it what gender you are!