Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I Need Chuck

Some technical problems have cropped up for me in the last day or two; Areas on my website I want to fix but don't know how, my humbling inability to podcast, my almost complete and utter lack of html know how. I have come to the conclusion I need Chuck, or someone from the Nerd Herd, although preferably not Jeffster. In fact DEFINITELY not Jeffster. The thing is, do these people exist in real life and will they fix my computer woes for free?


Shadowthorne said...

Yes they do. But you need to buy expensive equipments from them first. :)

G. Coppard said...

I know you don't have a Mac, but if you do ever get one, it's full of all the software you need for a killer web site, including podcast, video, etc. It's extremely easy and total WYSIWYG.

I haven't done it. I already have a blog and Facebook and that keeps me pretty busy. I'd have to give those up or somehow incorporate them into the site.

Anyway, if you know someone with a Mac, check out iWeb, iMovie and Garage Band programs. They have video tutorials that are super easy.

Anonymous said...

You need Chuck! I always see you as a computer nerd (in terms of facility and brilliance with these things)- I think your motives may be suspect!!!!
Seriously I have doubt that you will be able to crack podcasting etc.

Anonymous said...

I meant NO doubt that you will sort it!!

DNOTY2007 said...

Howabout what's his name from the IT crowd? He'd sort you out quickly!

Young said...

I'm sure Chuck can file an outdoor input for your computer. He's really good with those. I hope your computer gets fine. ^_^

SSQuo said...

Html is hard for a writer I'd say, I mean thats a whole different ballgame! It can get frustrating, so it might be best to get 'A Chuck' - youll be glad you spent the buck.

Inkpot said...

Oh dear, Shadowthorne, that is unfortunate. :(

I've heard Macs were amazing for that kind of stuff, G.C, and since getting my iphone I have being converted. I must check out a Mac.

Thanks Anon. I'm sure I'll figure it out when I look into it, just haven't given it much time and have been trying to do things late at night without much sleep, which is never a good idea. :s

Yes, need Moss or Roy. And yes, I HAVE switched it on and off! :) Thanks DNOTY2007/2008

He is very good at those, Young, but he seems to be so busy with his spy work these days he doesn't have any time for actually fixing computers. Ah well. *sigh*

One day, SSQuo, I will have a Chuck to look after things for me, but that day (sadly) is not today. As you say, html is not my language. My tools are words - english words, or something. :S