Friday, April 17, 2009

A Gift for You

Because I've updated three days of posts in one fell swoop, I thought I'd give you a little gift today - to thank you for reading and commenting, and to help you chill out after a tough week.
So here it is, the sound of Brittas Bay, Ireland.
I hope you like it, I find listening to it very relaxing.
Talking of relaxing, what helps you de-stress at the end of the week?


G. Coppard said...

That was nice, Iseult, thank you. :)

Shadowthorne said...

I was expecting a scream at the end of the audio (oh you know, the person you pushed down the cliff).

It's nice anyway. :)

Anand said...

Hey INkieee....Ive come here aft a long time. Missed u.
My blog misses u more though. This one ->

How be u? Listen, I hv a suggestion to make to u. When u put on a link like the one u put here "Brittas...", It wud help if u put target=blank thing after the a href tag. This makes the link open in another window, u c?
SO ur visitor neevr leaves ur page and at the same time can see the link too.

If u wanna know how...lemme know, Ill tell u. Its damn simple.:-)

Inkpot said...

Thanks G.C :)

I cut out the scream, Shadowthorne. I thought it might incriminate me. ;)

Hi Andy, thanks for that suggestion. It wasn't something I thought about, but it is a great idea and so easily done. :)