Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Writing Smiting

Naturally enough I haven't been very productive on the writing front of late. Short stories have languished and novel ideas have grown cold on the back burner. I had great fun yesterday making up graphs comparing my acceptance rate this year to last year. Valpot commented that it was good to have a way to pass the time that didn't involve writing. I agreed heartily.
Hang on a minute, isn't there something wrong here?
Last week as I sat in front of a blank word document, the cursor blinking sulkily, I felt bunged up creatively. 'If only I could get mental Draino to unclog my brain,' I thought 'I'd be writing with gusto again.'
Then it hit me. Duh! I've got writer's block. Thought I had it before, but never realised it could feel like a physical presence in my psyche. I really feel as if a part of my mind - that creative centre lodged somewhere between the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary - has a U-Bend all clogged up with nasty grey sludge and long black hairs and nothing can get through that wall of soap scum. The ideas still pop up, but without creative flow they got caught and well up in my imagination, making a messing puddle all over my subconscious without ever getting to my conscious mind, let alone my typing fingers.
Maybe it is because I am not passionate enough about any of the story ideas I have at the moment, I try to rationalise.
What I need is a mental plunger, a subconscious chemical so powerful it can cleanse my ego and id - or a hatchet. Whichever comes to hand first.


Shadowthorne said...

A long long time ago I wanted to write a book. But I couldn't. It is because I get bored easily and cannot commit myself to write long long paragraphs of words.

Let me give you some ideas to get started. Search inside you and look for the horrors you ever faced or imagined (darkness, creepy crawlies etc has no influence over me, but i am terrified of shiny sharp objects). Make up a story about it, or even better, write your own experience with liberal sprinkles of fiction.

I've read some books with eerie illustrations still stuck in my dark souls. Most of the sad and gloomy illustrations i remembered well were drawn with coal or pencil. The medium (coal) is dark and it created a very sinister mood. So learn to make your characters wild and more-gothic-than-thou. Black is your friend.

The reason why Omen the (original) movie was a success is because the contradiction of having a cute little boy doing great atrocities to his loved ones. :)

Just giving you tips I'd do myself if I was a pro writer. :)

G. Coppard said...

Your post was so creatively written, I have to say you're not blocked at all. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree that it was very well written. I think getting your alignment (between body, soul, pyhsical, mental, emotional etc) is really important. If you find peace and balance, the block will be cleared. I know that is a life journey really but perhaps in the short term, pay a bit more attention to the other areas in your life, go for a walk, take up a new hobby, research something really different - you get the gist.
God Bless

Erica Hanson said...

Love your image of the U-Bend and the need for mental Draino. I agree with G. Coppard's comment. If you can write so vividly, may we all be blocked writers like you!

DNOTY2007 said...

It's always fun to talk about writing, all right!

I'm sure you can overcome this block, Inkpot, and then tell us the secret!

SSQuo said...

I have to agree with GC, the post definitely creatively written, I think the problem may just have to be that your creativity for now (two days) is limited to blog posts...THEN itll get back on track to your other works.