Friday, April 10, 2009

Novel Writing Day #2

Still working on the foundations, so to speak. I'll have another day tweaking them and making sure everything is in order before I can start writing the novel in earnest.
Oh, I feel quite giddy with excitement. :)


Shadowthorne said...

Happy Second Day of Noveling!

Robert said...

Hey, good luck. I keep trying to work up the nerve to start my fifth. Of course none of them are published, and all but one are painfully bad. I'll keep up with your progress...maybe it will inspire me to get at it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news- good luck!!

DNOTY2007 said...

Good to hear the enthusiasm! Best of luck with it!

Inkpot said...

Thanks Shadowthorne! :)

As they say Robert, try, try, try, try and try again.:) You get better the more you write so you never know - fifth time lucky!

Thanks Anon

Thanks DNOTY2007/2008 (when are you going to add the 2008 back to your name???)