Sunday, April 05, 2009

Blog Improvement Project

I popped by the Blog Improvement Project site today and - oh dear - I really have missed a lot in my absence. There have been carnivals (social media ones, I'm not sure if they are more or less fun than ones with candy floss and geeks) and getting back to blog basics and I'm still stuck on brainstorming! Oops.
I'm going to take the next few weeks to get up to date with the project and help inject some much needed life into me and my blog. However, before then I need your help.
The latest task is to pick a social networking site and sign on. I'm not quite sure, my brain seems to have turned to spun sugar (too much thinking about carnivals), but there was mention of stalking authors and celebrities and promoting your blog on a social networking platform.
The thing is, I've tried Myspace and Facebook and I don't know, I feel as out of place on the virtual social networking scene as I do in the real life version.
This is where I need your help. Do I return to my neglected profiles on the above mentioned sites and try to promote the hec out of my blog, or do I boldly go where no Inkpot has gone before - and if so, where? Twitter? Bebo? Facespace? Ahhhh!
Thoughts and suggestions much appreciated (I might even put up a poll).
Happy Sunday.


Shadowthorne said...

GET YOURSELF ADVERTISED, WOMAN! But be careful with what you wish to put yourself into... Myspace, Friendster, Facebook whatever. Too much of these can spread your soul thin. Really.

You might neglect us by being away too long from your blog.

My suggestion is to find a few media that you are comfortable with and keep on maintaining them. A FEW, ok? I don't believe you are born with 4 arms to deal with more.

Cheerio :)

p.s. - wishing one day you will write a story about a psycho killer boy and named me after him, ha ha ha

Shadowthorne said...

i mean name him after me. creepy bas***d

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about Facebook etc but I think they are mostly stupid and I don't see how they would advertise your blog, given that most people use them to put up photos for their friends to see. What about doing a really eyecatching video on you tube?? Or post comments on forums that you are actually interested in but keep them kind of controversal 'look at me the brilliant inkpot' type.
Ps I think Shadowthorne would be a brilliant name in a book but I see him more heroic (albeit in a twisted surreal way) than a psycho killer

DNOTY2007 said...

Where's your Sunday toon, Inkpot? I need my weekly chuckle!

I think Shadowthorne is a great name too, though I tend to think of Thorn, the dog in Lost Boys who guarded his evil master. I thought he was great (Thorn, that is, not the evil vampire!)! The 'Shadow' adds extra sinister layers...

Sorry, Inky, haven't answered your question but I'm not a great one for social networking.

Inkpot said...

Shadowthorne,you are right, I wasn't born with 4 arms (mores the pity) and I am afraid of spreading myself too thin. I want to improve my BLOG not get caught up in digging and tweeting, so thank you for the good advice. As for writing a story about a psycho killer boy with your name - I would be honoured to use your name in a story. I'm just waiting for a character evil enough to do it justice to pop into my head. :)

Thanks Anon, good idea. Especially the Youtube one. I must do more movies. Thinking of branching into podcasts too. I think Shadowthorne would be a brilliant character name all right.

Sorry DNOTY2007, there won't be any Sunday toons for a while. Have to get back into my stride. I love Lost Boys. Shadowthorne didn't make me think of Thorn until you mentioned it, but I like the shadow idea.

Anonymous said...

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