Thursday, April 09, 2009

Novel Writing

Part of my plan for this year includes writing two novels, one of which I started in January while on writing retreat and then decided to shelve due to the comments I received (you remember the young adult versus adult debate, no? Well, maybe I didn't tell you about it then).
My plan also includes getting into the HWA (can put a tick against that) and applying for membership of the SFWA (still to be completed).
Anyway, back to the novels. I really have to start writing them if I am to draft, rewrite, edit and submit two novels this year. I have an outline for a fantasy novel and one for a horror (which, thanks to Shadowthorne's comment the other day has been fleshed out nicely). I'm going to blog about writing the novel because a) I think it will act as a much needed mental plunger and b) I thought you might find it interesting.
Now to decide which idea I want to work on first. Hmmmm.


Shadowthorne said...

:) Always interested to help in writing the fantasy / horror novel of the century.

At least I can brag to my students that I have a friend whose novel was made into a multi-million block buster movie.

Make this a reality.

Anonymous said...

I can't compete with Shadowthorne's comment- it is class-
Go to it Inky, can't wait to read it

G. Coppard said...

Fantasy in the Spring (faeries and such) and horror in the Fall (Halloween.) That's the rule. Better stick to it. :)


SSQuo said...

I think you need to get away from reality a bit, (not from blogging!) so go with Fantasy first.

Andy said...

Ok first things first.. I MISS ur pic on display.

And did I hear u say the H word?? Horror..did u say?? Well...hope on over to my blog missey.. U jus mite get an idea or 2.

This one- (Hell Lotta Tips)

Andy. :-)

DNOTY07 said...

I'd love to read either, so go with which ever has the strongest muse!

DNOTY07 said...

I'd love to read either, so go with which ever has the strongest muse!

Inkpot said...

Yes Sir Shadowthorne! :) You have to come to the premier of the movie.

Thanks Anon. :)

Thank you for reminding me of the rule, G.C. How could I have forgotten! Duh. Silly me. It's fantasy of course.

You are so right SSQuo. :)

Hi Andy. Well, I am the Inkpot, had to change my profile pic. ;)

It's going to be fantasy, DNOTY2007/2008.